David Koch

David Koch (Drums & Vocals) – David is seasoned musician with a diverse taste in music, playing everything from progressive to hard rock and heavy metal. He started playing drums at the early age of 8, and schooled his chops from the drums masters from the likes of John Bonham, Neil Peart, Gavin Harrison, and Carter Beauford.

Rock ‘n’ roll is a participatory sport. It ain’t passive. It ain’t TV. Go out there and rock ‘n’ roll and dance and have fun. – Steven Van Zandt.

In addition to his drumming, Dave can also be seen playing around NYC area sitting-in with other bands such as the Air Dogs, Tighty Whitey, Zero and Almost Famous. In addition to playing live music with numerous bands over the years, Dave does session work and has written, recorded & produced music for Film, TV, Digital Media and Corporate Identities. Add to that his impressive vocal ability, his dynamic stage presence & his chemistry with the rest of the band, and you’ve got one hell of a live performer!