The Hottest Arena Rock Tribute Experience! ARENA Relive The Rock captures the big sound and power of some of the greatest rock bands of our time. Boston, Journey, Pat Benatar, AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses, Styx, Aerosmith, Rush, Foreigner, Queen – just to name a few. ARENA brings you back to a time where you can sing along with the guitar solo and held up a lighter not a cell phone. Exciting and energetic, this talented group of musicians perform an outstanding show every time they play. Once you see ARENA LIVE you will be hooked. Come see what all the buzz is about, and lose yourself in the experience!

Rock ‘n’ roll will never die. There’ll always be some arrogant little brat who wants to make music with a guitar. – Dave Edmunds

Experience the raw energy, the passion, and the behind the scenes footage that makes ARENA Relive the Rock one of today’s Hottest Arena Rock Tribute Bands. Come with us on a musical journey and tour some of our favorite rock spots and get a taste for what Arena Rock is all about. ARENA RTR’s energy is infectious. You will be transported to a time where rock was in our hearts and guitars soared through our souls.