Dean Anthony

Dean Anthony (Bass & Vocals) – A veteran of the music scene Dean brings his solid rhythms to Arena. Dean has been involved in a number of projects over the years, most notably Rising Sun recording artists “Platinum”, with a release and tour in the early 90’s.

I used to jog… but the ice cubes kept falling out of my glass. – Dave Lee Roth

He is no stranger to the club circuit playing with many tribute acts. Since 1998 he has made his presence known as “Izzy” in the Guns And Roses Tribute “Get Your Guns”. Along with his club experience, some of his credits include; Quadrapane Indie release in 2006 (guitar, vocals & bass), Crossfire release 1998 (bass & vocals), and countless studio sessions for semi national artists. A solid “In The Pocket” player, he adds an energetic feel and sound to any project. Dean’s proven talent and experience makes him an important part of the Arena experience.